Letter to Concern to District 65 (2017-18 School Year)

On August 21, OPAL (along with NorthShore Chapter of NAACP & Bethel Baptist Church) presented a letter of concern to the District 65 School Board. As done in previous years, OPAL has identified four areas of concern that  are contributing to racial disparities in Evanston;

  • JEH Early Learning Center (the District 65 preschool);
  • Hiring & Retention of African American Teaching Staff;
  • The (newly implemented) K-3 Literacy Framework; and
  • The African Centered Curriculum (ACC) Program at Oakton Elementary (this is a recent addition to our agenda, and was not included in the August letter)

The entire letter can be read here.

We are asking that community members sign-on as supporters if this agenda to show the district that we are ALL concerned with the racial inequities in our schools.
Click here to show your support.

On September 5th, OPAL received a response letter Dr. Goren, read that letter here.