What Does the State's Attorney Do & Why You need to Vote

With recent events highlighting Anita Alvarez's unwillingness to bring justice on behalf of citizens (especially Black, Brown, and poor ones) and the lack of accountability of CPD the Office of the Cook County States Attorney has become one of great attention. This office is responsible for the over-prosecution of residents, the under-prosectution of police, and decides just how "justice" is exercised. 

In response to Donna More signs that have been going up in our most heavily policed area of town OPAL has produced a document highlighting some troubling facts about More that you may not know. It is important that this election is won by the right person and that is Kim Foxx.  

Kim Foxx has spent years prosecuting cases and has a personal connection to the Black, Brown, and poor communities that are usually over-prosecuted. Kim is a consistent voice for justice and equity unhindered to fight against the corruption and politics that continue to divide our county and dismantle vulnerable communities.

Please vote based on what you know, not who you know.

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