Community Feedback

We asked the community to give us input on our three goals: Voter Education, Increased Voter Turnout, and Candidate Development.

Voter Engagement:

  • Reach voters in their community, hearing their concerns, and encouraging their participation in the governing of Evanston is the first step.
  • Go to where the people are, recruit ‘members’ for everywhere
  • Personal conversation and small groups

Voter Education:

  •  Voter education efforts need to be held throughout the community,
  • Education that is tailored to the audience
  • How does vote relate to my life

Candidate Development:

  • Candidates who understand that they will be held accountable for outcomes
  • Candidates who see the worth in ALL residents
  • Leaders who understand that  decisions made at the city, District 65 and District 202, effects all of our quality of life in Evanston