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We have learned very much over the last three years and are encouraged by the continued support from the community. Though we remain focused on correcting the racial inequities in District 65 schools,  we realize that there are many other needs and areas of concern - we support them all. In an effort to support people and issues we have produced these resources that you may find helpful including information on other local efforts. 

Letter to Concern to District 65 (2017-18 School Year)

On August 21, OPAL (along with NorthShore Chapter of NAACP & Bethel Baptist Church) presented a letter of concern to the District 65 School Board. As done in previous years, OPAL has identified four areas of concern that  are contributing to racial disparities in Evanston;

  • JEH Early Learning Center (the District 65 preschool);
  • Hiring & Retention of African American Teaching Staff;
  • The (newly implemented) K-3 Literacy Framework; and
  • The African Centered Curriculum (ACC) Program at Oakton Elementary (this is a recent addition to our agenda, and was not included in the August letter)

The entire letter can be read here.

We are asking that community members sign-on as supporters if this agenda to show the district that we are ALL concerned with the racial inequities in our schools.
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On September 5th, OPAL received a response letter Dr. Goren, read that letter here.

January Newsletter

Due to the size of this months newsletter, it can not be posted on our site. Please use this link for access.

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What's Important to you!

Thank you for your input on our Voter Engagement survey. We have attached the written responses to the question, "If OPAL could change two things in Evanston, what would they be?". We appreciate the honest responses and while all the suggestions are not within our reach, we are hopeful that with your help, we can make Evanston an Equitable City. 

Click Here for Survey Responses

1000 Doors! Our Summer Campaign

We are still looking for help accomplishing our goal of connecting 1000 people in Evanston!
Click Here for a script to guide your conversation, a voter registration card in English (Click here for Spanish. Please email us (engage@opalevanston.com) to pick up any completed cards
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OPAL Proposed Racial Equity Statement

On Tuesday, April 18th, OPAL proposed that the District 65 School Board adopt a Racial Equity Policy statement. In addition to an Equity Statement we proposed revising the goals of the strategic plan to ensure that race and equity are key in the implementation of the plan over the next 5 years. 

The Daily Northwestern covered the meeting, you can read the story here

OPAL's Racial Equity Policy can be read here

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Let's Hit the Streets for Foxx

Cook County needs a new State's Attorney! Your vote in Tuesday's primary race is vital if we want to ensure that Kim Foxx is elected. Anita Alvarez has not only delayed prosecution in the LaQuan McDonald case but cases here in Evanston have been left un-prosecuted by Alvarez as well.

Join us THIS Saturday as we go door-to-door to encourage our neighbors to vote for Kim Foxx! If you cannot join us Saturday, shot us an email so that we can get you a yard sign!

Vote. Participate. Serve. 

What Does the State's Attorney Do & Why You need to Vote

With recent events highlighting Anita Alvarez's unwillingness to bring justice on behalf of citizens (especially Black, Brown, and poor ones) and the lack of accountability of CPD the Office of the Cook County States Attorney has become one of great attention. This office is responsible for the over-prosecution of residents, the under-prosectution of police, and decides just how "justice" is exercised. 

In response to Donna More signs that have been going up in our most heavily policed area of town OPAL has produced a document highlighting some troubling facts about More that you may not know. It is important that this election is won by the right person and that is Kim Foxx.  

Kim Foxx has spent years prosecuting cases and has a personal connection to the Black, Brown, and poor communities that are usually over-prosecuted. Kim is a consistent voice for justice and equity unhindered to fight against the corruption and politics that continue to divide our county and dismantle vulnerable communities.

Please vote based on what you know, not who you know.

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Parents Guide to 2015 Achievement & Accountability Report

 Inspired to action, OPAL is  organizing the community to work collectively toward the goal a city where each child, resident, and neighborhood are equally valued, 
This guide is part of our voter education program, crested to promote civic participation in our governing bodies.

Join us in working together to make Evanston a more equitable community.

Please utilize this consolidated guide as needed

Download Guide Here

The full guide can be found here
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