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Started in 2015 by a small group a dedicated, like-minded friends and neighbors, OPAL aims to bring attention to and make an impact on equity issues in Evanston government, schools, and civic life.

With your support we pledge to continue our work to make Evasnton an equitable community for all residents.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • voter education
  • civic engagement
  • candidate development

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OPAL engages and equips Evanston residents to actively participate in the decisions that affect their lives. By educating and mobilizing voters - and supporting qualified community leaders - OPAL works tirelessly to ensure that local leadership reflects the diversity and priorities of all residents throughout Evanston's nine wards. OPAL's comprehensive programs work to increase accountability and activate Evanston residents who have been underrepresented.

We are a grassroots movement of Evanston residents inspired to action in an effort to organize the community to work collectively toward the goal: a city where each child, resident, and neighborhood is equally valued. Let's work together to make Evanston a more equitable community.

OPAL membership is $25 for a general membership or $10 if you're under age 18.